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Shanxi Yuxian 2X100MW Power Plant Project Unit 2 First Synchronized Successfully
撰文:Lin Yue   更新时间:2021-05-11 ]

At 17:55 on May 8, Unit 2 of Shanxi Gemeng International Yuguang Coal Power Yuxian Power Plant 2X100 MW Power Plant Project was successfully synchronized for the first time. This project is jointly commissioned by E.Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Research Institute. 10,000 coal-fired generating units have broadened the business scope. It is the first the infrastructure commissioning project in charge by E.Energy synchronized into Hebei South Network.

The project department convened various disciplines to formulate a thorough commissioning plan to give full play to the commissioning role and mobilize the overall progress on site for the first synchronization.
Relying on the strong professional skills of our project department and professionals who gave up vacations, in the face of multiple emergencies, we made decisive decisions and calmly responded to ensure the stable operation of the unit, and various parameters gradually returned to the design values.

In order to do a good job in synchronization, the project department strictly controlled safety and quality. The important operational safety technology was accurately implemented to the individual, and the cross-discipline fully communicated, completed the steam turbine rotation and synchronization, the system was operating normally, and the various parameter indicators were excellent. The successful synchronization of Unit 2 greatly boosted morale. In the subsequent commissioning process, our project department will continue with full enthusiasm to successfully complete the next stage of the start-up and 168-hour full-load trial operation.