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Jinhua Synchronous Condenser Project Completed the Initial Overhaul
撰文:Lin Yue   更新时间:2021-07-26 ]

At 14:25 on June 2nd, Jinhua Synchronous Condenser Project Unit 2 was successfully startup after being overhauled, at a constant speed of 3000 rpm, and there was no abnormality in the vibration inspection, and the SFC frequency conversion startup successfully, AC impedance and residual pressure measurement tests were successfully completed. On June 3rd, Unit 2’s false simultaneous test was completed. On June 9th, the water leakage problem of the cold water return support was solved. The parameters of the unit met the design requirements, and the operating status was normal. Unit 2 entered the hot standby state. It marked the successful completion of the initial overhaul work of Jinhua Synchronous Condenser Project.

Preparations for the initial overhaul work began in December 2020, and the overhaul work officially started on April 6, 2021. The 2021 overhaul work for Jinhua Synchronous Condenser Project lasted half a year. At the initial stage of overhaul, the project department organized the responsible persons of various disciplines to carefully arrange the work plan. With the meticulous preparation of the project department and the joint efforts of the project members, as well as the coordination and cooperation of the tripartite participating companies, the overhaul work was completed on time and in quantity, which was unanimously approved by the owner and the participating companies.