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Pakistan Punjab Jhang 1263MW Power Plant Completed Energizing
撰文:Lin Yue   更新时间:2021-12-01 ]

At 15:29 on November 18, 2021, local Pakistan time (18:29, Beijing time), the 220kV switchyard of the Pakistan Jhang 1263 MW combined cycle power plant project commissioned by E.Energy was completed energizing. At 20:06 local time (23:06 Beijing time), the impact test of No. 1 gas turbine main transformer and No. 2 gas turbine main transformer was completed. The smooth progress of this work has laid a solid foundation for the synchronization of the units. The Pakistan National Grid, the owner, the supervisor, and the general contractor all witnessed this moment.

The 1263 MW combined cycle power plant project of Pakistan Jhang Project is another overseas project that adopts international standards undertaken by E.Energy. It has important strategic significance. The power plant is located in the Jhang area near Trimmu Barrage, Punjab, Pakistan. The construction of this project effectively alleviates the local power gap and provides a strong and reliable power guarantee for economic development.

In the next stage, the Pakistan Jhang project department will carry out the systems and whole system start-up commissioning of two gas turbine single-cycle generators. E.Energy commissioning project department will continue to do a good job in the commissioning work, in order to achieve the synchronization of the single-cycle generators as soon as possible.