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E.Energy the first batch of CNAS accredited projects successfully passed the expert on-site evaluation
撰文:Lin Yue   更新时间:2021-12-01 ]

On November 6, CNAS appointed an expert review team to conduct an on-site review of the accredited project declared by the Testing Center of E.Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Bao, director of E.Eerngy Testing Center, Yu Zhiyong, deputy director, and all system personnel participated in the accreditation on-site assessment. Hu Jiayuan, deputy general manager of the Boiler Inspection Institute, attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.

This on-site audit mainly involved two test objects, water and power oil. The expert group was based on CNAS-CL01: 2018 "Testing and Calibration Laboratory Competence Accreditation Criteria" and CNAS-CL01-A002: 2020 "Testing and Calibration Laboratory Competence Accreditation Criteria the Guidelines in the Field of Chemical Testing” reviewed the continued suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the management system of E.Energy Testing Center. The assessment team conducted inspections and assessments through on-site testing, on-site questioning, review of documents and archives, spot-check record reports, inspection of equipment and equipment, and verification of participation in proficiency testing. After a two-day review of all elements in the guidelines, the review team believed that E.Energy Testing Center can continuously improve and perfect the management system operation, and the quality management system operation can basically meet CNAS-CL01:2018 and CNAS-CL01-A002: 2020 requirements.

After passing this review, E.Energy Testing Center will obtain the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) qualification, covering water and power oil business. The next step will continue to expand, covering power station boilers, steam turbines, electrical, industry application software, substations, workplaces, online detection devices for dissolved gases in transformer oil and other fields as soon as possible. This is an important step for the company to rapidly expand its inspection and testing business.