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Company Introduction

Founded with registered capital of RMB 47,298,313 in March 1993, E.Energy Technology Co., Ltd was mainly engaged in the technical research & development, technical consultation and service and technological achievements transfer with respect to power generation, transmission and transformation equipments, chemical, environment-friendly, electric power test and automatic control equipments, computer software, network and office automation software.

It passed the integrated certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System, OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) and Environment Management System in 2008. It also has first-class qualification for preventive test of electric equipments issued by State Electricity Regulatory Commission, first-class qualification for commissioning of power generation engineering and transmission and transformation engineering, Enterprise Safety Qualification Certificate in Architecture Industry of Zhejiang Province etc. It passed the re-certification of High-tech Enterprise by Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province and was awarded Hangzhou Enterprise Technical Center by Economic Commission of Hangzhou City in 2008; it was awarded Advanced Enterprise by Hangzhou High-tech Industry Development Zone Government and received financial aid from the government many times. Three power generation projects independently commissioned by the company has won Luban Prize—the top prize of national engineering construction; two power generation projects has won Gold Prize of National Excellent Projects; three power generation projects has won Silver Prize of National Excellent Projects.

It owns rich scientific and technological research and development achievements. China’s first 1000MW ultra-supercritical unit commissioning and key technical research has won First Prize of Scientific and Technological Achievement of Electric Power Construction of China and Third Prize of Electric Power Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province. Power station tiny oil combustion technology has won Third Prize of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province. 300MW direct-fired pulverizing system boiler tiny oil ignition technology has First Prize of Electric Power Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province. Researches on large-scale steam turbine sequence valve operation strategy and quantitative relationship between boiler water chloride ion corrosiveness and hydrogen conductivity have won Second Prize of Electric Power Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province. The company has more than twenty patents of invention and practical new patents with complete independent intellectual property rights.

It adheres to the principle of “human orientation, technical innovation promotion and scientific and technological industrialization development enhancement” with high-tech industry constantly developing and increasingly strengthened. It owns more than 200 excellent talents of scientific innovation and business management in which there are 31 with senior professional titles and those with intermediate professional titles or above accounts for 26.4%. The company has advanced test and engineering technology equipments as well as domestic leading laboratories of gasified tiny cold furnace ignition and ultra-low load stable combustion technology, high-voltage equipments, boiler test, boiler combustion technology, energy-saving equipments etc. so that it meets the requirements of scientific and technological research and development, technical consultation, electric power production and construction etc.

It sticks to the enterprise spirit of “strive to surpass, pursue excellence”, persists in the philosophy of “innovation boosts development, sincerity creates wealth”, seize the opportunity of reform and opening-up policy, perform the innovation of philosophy and system as well as business management, endeavors to provide high-quality products and specialized services for the society continuously, makes great efforts to become first-class electric technology service provider and electric high-tech products supplier apart from maximizing value of customers.